Turn Your Home into a Vacation Rental.

We've got you covered...

Interested in Renting your Home, full-time or part-time?

What We Do

Process credit cards for booking

Change calendar on bookings

Send out Quotes

Receive inquiring by emails or phone for quotes

Marketing of property

Keeping records of transactions

Provide a monthly spreadsheet of income and expensive

Handle complaints

Collect and pay state and local occupancy tax

Oversee cleaning crews for make readies

Things for You to Do

Remove clothes from closets and drawers

Or, lock up closet and provide a portable clothes rack

Remove personal/valuable items, photo’s and de- clutter every room

Remove food from fridge, freezer & pantry

Remove nice dishes and china from cupboard.

Have the house professionally cleaned prior to rental

Provide bath towels and linens

Provide new soaps for bathrooms

Change security code to a temporary code

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